The 10 Best-Known Cannabinoids

A cannabinoid is one of a class of diverse chemical compounds that acts on cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain. Ligands for these receptor proteins include the endocannabinoids (produced naturally in the body by animals), the phytocannabinoids (found in cannabis and some other plants), and synthetic cannabinoids (manufactured artificially). The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is another major constituent of the plant. There are at least 113 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, exhibiting varied effects. -

The 10 best-known cannabinoids found in cannabis and the effect they have on the body.

'A four-week Clinical Trial Investigating Efficacy and Safety of Cannabidiol as a Treatment for Acutely Ill Schizophrenic Patients', 'Combined THC and CBD Drops for Treatment of Crohn's Disease',  'A Clinical Trial on the Antipsychotic Properties of Cannabidiol', 'The Role of the Endocannabinoid System in Sweet Taste Intensity and Liking'...

These are just a few of the studies on cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system which have been conducted or are ongoing. When the International Cannabinoid Research Society was initiated in 1992, 50 scientists showed an interest in cannabis compounds. Within the last twenty seven years, more than 500 scientists from various countries have published 140 studies on cannabis.

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannibinol

Delta 8 THC

  • Anti-emetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulant, analgesic, neuroprotective
  • Eating disorders, depression, nausea…

Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol

Delta 9 THC



  • Anxiolytic, antipsychotic, anti-epileptic, neuroprotective, vasorelaxant, antispasmodic, anti-ischemic, anti-proliferative, anti-emetic, antibacterial, antidiabetic, antipsoriatic, anti-prokinetic, analgesic, bone-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive
  • Inflammation, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, migraine, psoriasis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, spasms, epilepsy, schizophrenia, cigarette addiction, alcohol addiction, addiction to hard drugs, insomnia...
  • Cannabis strains high in CBD: ACDC, Cannatonic, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, Warlock (Seedsman // My Weed Seeds)...





  • Antibacterial, antibiotic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, bone-stimulant, anti-convulsive, anti-asthmatic, appetite-stimulant
  • Anxiety, inflammation, pain, glaucoma, eating disorders, degenerative diseases, spasms, asthma, insomnia…
  • Cannabis strains high in CBN: Kosher Kush, Y Griega (Seedsman // My Weed Seeds), Neville's Haze...



  • Antibacterial, antibiotic, antipsoriatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, tranquilizer, anti-psychotic, bone-stimulant, neurogenesis-inducing activity
  • Psoriasis, inflammation, pain, nausea, cancer, depression…
  • Cannabis strains high in CBG: Mickey Kush...





  • Analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, antinociceptive, neurogenesis-inducing activity, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, bone-stimulant
  • Inflammation, pain, cancer, depression…
  • Cannabis strains high in CBC: Malawi Gold, Kandy Kush...

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid


THCA turns into THC as cannabis buds dry.

  • Neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, anti-proliferative
  • Arthritis, lupus, neurodegenerative diseases, depression, nausea, appetite loss, cancer...
  • Cannabis strains high in THCA: strains high in THC

Cannabidiolic acid


CBDA turns into CBD as cannabis buds dry.

  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-proliferative, anti-emetic
  • Nausea, pain, cancer...
  • Cannabis strains high in CBDA: strains high in CBD

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